Cry from the Mountains

Keith Decker knows from personal experience what it is to be abandoned, hungry, and with no place to lay his head. By the time he is a junior in high school he has spent more nights than he can count with friends and more days than he wants to remember wondering where his next meal will come from. Then, at age seventeen he hits rock bottom. After a devastating event, he asks himself, “What if I fell into a black hole tonight?” And then he answers his own question: “Nobody would even miss me.” Cry from the Mountains is the story of how God hears and answers Keith’s cry – and it is the story of how He continues to answer, even today. It is the story of how God takes an unlikely lad from Eastern Kentucky, gives him purpose and hope, and molds him into a minister who touches the lives of thousands of people in the heart of Appalachia who are living in similar circumstances to those in which Keith grew up. Cry from the Mountains not only chronicles Keith’s personal journey but also the history of Cedaridge Ministries in Williamsburg, Kentucky, which he began in 1993 to address the needs of impoverished people in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

The book is now available for $14.95. To purchase, email us at Cedaridge Ministries  with the number of books you want and a mailing address. Use PayPal on the right for payment. Note in the “Purpose” line the number of books you are purchasing.

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