January 31, 2011

We’ve always believed Cedaridge is covered by the hand of God, but now we’re also covered by a new roof!  After having our roof blown off back in 2008, we now have a new roof thanks to Denver Baptist Church in Denver, NC.  From October 3 – 14 of 2010, they worked hard to get the ministry center covered with its new roof!

The Denver Baptist Church replaced 120 rafters, replaced 234 pieces of OSB, and installed 50 pieces of 52-foot long new roofing metal.  We now have a safer and leak-free roof to keep out the elements.  We are very thankful and blessed by their efforts.  The new roof will also help us safe on heating and cooling costs.  This is a huge benefit for us as we will be able to help more people with those savings.

Below are more pictures of the work effort to repairing the roof.  Click on each one to see a larger view.

Cedaridge Roof Before

Construction Begins

Rafter Damage

Ceiling Damage

Hard at Work